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Membership info

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:51 am    Post subject: Membership info Reply with quote

Rapido Realismo Kali International (RRKI) Membership Program

Vision Statement : Integrity, Leadership and Mastery
The Rapido Realismo Kali International Vision Statement holds multiple layers of meaning:
Integrity - The Rapido Realismo Kali members value integrity in character, integrity in how we represent ourselves as well as integrity in how we preserve the art of Kali and how we train as Family.
Leadership - We are here because we love the art and hope to represent it in a positive light as well as glorify it through serving the community. In doing so, we hope to positively impact the lives of others and lead through service and sharing.
Mastery - "Back to Basics" or the focus on "Mastery" has been a theme of our training philosophy from day one. Mastery implies working towards perfection and is not only a quest to improve skill in Kali, but to master oneself and thereby become a better person. Rapido Realismo Kali Group is a close knit Family so we treat each other as part of the family not just a member.
Membership : How to Join ( Applicable to Schools, Training Group, or a class/Gym)
If you are interested in becoming a RRK student or member, there are a few things that you must first consider.

We are like a close knit family, than a professional martial arts school. Every member is more then just a student, so we are very cautious and discriminating with regards to whom we allow to join the family.

We also have a very high standard in terms of teaching, training and conduct. We expect that each member of RRK takes their training very seriously and that each student is respectful of the cultural heritage of the art, their teachers, other students and themselves.
In order to train in RRK, each prospective member must go through the following steps:
1. The prospective student must call, txt in advance and book a "viewing/Watching appointment" in order to attend a or watch a training class, the appointment should be booked with our Guro, Training Group Leaders, etc. If you simply show up at a training session without having booked a "viewing appointment", you will not be asked to join (In case you’ve seen us train in the park you won’t be entertain unless you’ve ask us your intent and show us your determination to join and learn the Arts.)
2. On the day of your appointment, you will be asked to sign a waiver prior to entering the training area even if you are only going to be watching. This is simply a liability waiver and does not mean that you have been accepted for enrollment.
3. We encourage prospective students that have had previous training in the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), to participate in the warm up and go through the basics with us during the first hour of class, then view the remainder hour of class. This will be part of the interview process.
After the initial "viewing appointment" if the prospective student is still interested in joining, we would request that they complete an application form and book an interview time with Group Leaders or Guro and gave us a proof that you’re a good law abiding Citizen (e.g. NBI, Police, and/or Barangay Clearnce younger member need a Parents consent.)

Only after passing the interview with Guro or Group Leaders, will our membership co-ordinator discuss fees, class structures, etc.

RRK Membership Card - for all active students / affiliate students. Message to all 'core' students of RRK, anyone interested in becoming an affiliate student, or anyone wanting training at any RRK location. In order to participate in regular RRK classes at a RRK run school, training group, you must be a member of the RRK student / affiliate student association. If interested in becoming a member, Please complete form and bring it back to Rapido Realismo Kali Group Leaders or Guro.

Benefits of the RRK student / affiliate student association:
> Annual RRK membership card
> Recorded hours of training, needed for promotion and ranking testing
> Free RRK T-shirt (Included every year upon renewal.)
> 15% discount on all RRK seminars (minimum 4 per year.)
> 15% discounts on RRK training camps
> 15% discount on all RRK merchandise
> Access to closed door training sessions not open to the general public
* Does not include discounts on private or semi private group classes with Punong Guro Henry and/or Guro Isagani.

Yearly Individual Membership fee: Php 700 Instructor Membership Fee: Php 1,000

Regulations of Rapido Realismo Kali Training and Teaching a CLASS or GROUP.
1. Salutations to Punong Guro Henry Espera and/or to all Instructor and Senior’s are to be executed at the beginning and ending of formal instruction and informal group training. Salutations should be exchanged between all Rapido Realismo Kali members upon greeting.
2. Safety is to be observed and practiced at all times. Maintain awareness of other students and their weapons. Protect yourself and control your weapon at all times.
3. Show proper respect to Instructor and students. Follow instructions for safety and to maximize effective training time.
4. All students shall train in uniform comprised of approved RRKI School t-shirt, BDU’s or black sweatpants, and footgear.
5. Maintain approved and serviceable training weapons and protective gear. Eye protection is absolutely required during the conduct of drills and sparring.
6. Avoid asking too much question or complaining during the training times ( defend, if health is the issue) and wait until the class is on break or if the class is finished. He/she must wait for the proper time such as break or end of class. if he/she can’t followed this rules, he/she will be ask to leave the class so the training will not be interrupted.
7. Members should attend the class 15 minutes before the training class sharp. This will let us see who is active or inactive and determine to learn.
8. Training Should be done in a Group or class setting for the standard procedure so everyone in a group will learned and progress but with the feel of a personal training by personally giving a positive or negative feedback and giving a one on one lessons such as drills, techniques, training and suggestion. Private Training/Instructions will only be given to Private students who enrolled In a special training program like trainer and instructorships.
9. For your safety and your training partner Avoid wearing any accessories or jewelries during the training to prevent injury or a broken personal thing.
10. Any class must start with a Warm up conditioning and end in a cool down training.
11. Training should always be as hardest, Functional and fun work out. Part of the warm ups and conditioning is executing 5 minutes of continues striking of different double stick combo followed by 10 minutes continues striking of Single stick framework/ Balangkas.
1. All training sessions begin with a 30 minute to 1 hour period of stretching, Cardio, Strength, Toughening, Speed and Power training and footwork drills.
2. The instructional period follows and is conducted according to the Training Phases and Process and training Schedule detailed below with a 1 minute only break for each category so the mind and body can rest a bit but won’t lost focus on the training. Training should be hard and as reality based/oriented as possible. Everyone should leave exhausted but yet contented that they’ve learned and capable of defending his/herself and love one.
3. The training session ends with a 20-30 minute of conditioning period consisting of the Dalawang Kalis, Double Resistance Exercises, Empty-Hand Tempering, etc., and final stretching.
1. Individual Execution and Training – Mental and Physical mastery of yourself and your weapon is attained in this phase. Maximize your individual discipline, concentration and effort with precise, perfect practice. (Solo Exercise or training in a Class without a Partner.)
2. Combat Drills – Execution of combat tactics with one or more opponents. Specific training and development of offensive, counter-offensive, and recounter-offensive attack methods. Isolation, combination, and free flow of combat drills develop range and timing – the key to all combat applications. (Salag at Patama, Sumbrada/Kontrahan, Multiple attack Drills, etc.)
3. Combat Sparring – Technical sparring is the application of specific tactics and techniques on predetermined target areas. Full sparring is the application of all combative tactics and skills. (e.g.Technical means sparring using specific technique, situation like attacker only vs. Defender only, No. 1 angle vs. Takip and counter, Multiple vs. single, this is to develop certain area, attributes and technique or skills.).
The following is just to add or occasional training Phases. A once or Twice a month is an Ideal.
4. Full Contact Sparring- all out Sparring anything goes with safety protective of course.
5. Scenario Based Drills- Role playing training in a real street attack scenario drills with full of street conviction as criminals to those who will play as attacker/s.
Rules in Training and Attendance ( for group progression and further expansion, strict standard rules must follows)
1. Everyone should attend at least 15 minute before the schedule training time sharp. For Preparations.
2. Everyone shouldn’t be late in 4 consecutive times without the written explaination. He/she will be given a 1 month training Suspensions if he failed to give a written notes or been late 4 consecutives times or will be given an INACTIVE STATUS.
3. 20 days late and/or 10 days absences in a year is subject for Membership termination or will be given an INACTIVE STATUS.
4. If he/she want to retrain or want to join again, he/she will be ask to reactivate the membership by re applying with the same membership number, then follows the 1 month probationary period again. This will let us see who is active or inactive member. 5. Do not wear any jewelries or accessories while in training. This might cause injury to yourself or your training partner.
6. Wear Proper training uniform ( Official RRK Shirt, If possible shoes if outdoor, Official or any Loose Training Pants and/or Shorts.) 7. Always think of yourself and your training partner safety while in training, especially in a combative training drills.
8. Only use a proper training equipment for safety. ( Suggestion gear: 2 rattan standard sticks and/or 2 padded stick. 2 short knife length or training wooden knife, 2-5”inches Palm Stick as Dulo Dulo. 1-5’ feet stick as Bangkaw or Sibat. If you can buy, bring a 2 Aluminum Training Sword and Knife)
9. For training Group Safety. Contribute an amount every training for the Safety Training Gear Like a pair of Head Gear, a Pair of Body Protector, Shin and Knee pad, Arm and Elbow Pad. Hand Protector, a pair of Groin protector, Boxing Head gear for empty hand training. 10. Always, follow the teacher or senior and do not complain unless necessary so the class will not be interrupted. You will be given the chance to ask after the training or during the breaks.

Mission and Objectives of RRKI that members must follow wholeheartedly:
1. Provide professional instruction, training and certification in the complete and original system of RRK, an authentic indigenous Filipino fighting system and cultural martial art of the Philippines. 2. Provide knowledge and teaching of Filipino history, culture, art, science, and philosophy as related to the study of RRK and Filipino fighting arts. 3. Provide professional certified instructors in the multi-disciplined fields of Health and Fitness, Personal Safety for Private Citizens, Law Enforcement and Defensive Tactics, and Military Close Quarters Combat and Survival. 4. Provide all manner of information resources required for the administration and operation of all recognized training entities sanctioned by the Rapido Realismo Kali International including, but not limited to: rules, regulations, directives, certifications, authorizations, training, instructional, and promotional materials. 5. Coordinate global promotions and training among all national organizations of the Rapido Realismo Kali International. 6. Provide the combat technologies of the Rapido Realismo Kali fighting system to citizens of democratic, free-world nations allied to the Republic of the Philippines. 7. To recognize the indigenous Fighting art of the Filipinos, the Art of Kali Arnis Escrima traditionally rich with cultural values to include Philosophy and Methodical Doctrines, Analytical in its martial arts concepts, Realistically effective in the preservation of life, Progressive and unending in its technological developments.
8. To enrich our individual capacity in gaining more technological advancement through mastery training in the indigenous art of Kali, and the Sabakan..
9. To gain more experience from the cultural environment in the Philippines, its history, places, people, and personal involvement with the Filipino Fighting art.
10. To solidify the preservation of Kali, its Traditional methods of training, the Traditional teaching procedures, Traditional discipline in the use of the techniques, and the Traditional belief in the use of the art for the protection of life.
11. To uphold the Tenets of the indigenous art of Kali written in the Manifesto sealed by the signature of each delegate as an official declaration.
12. To be more selective in the propagation of the Kali Technology among the Martial Artists, non-weaponry practitioners, law enforcement personnel.
13. To develop more skill and mastery in almost all the methods that are within the guidelines of the mastery training.
14. To instill full and complete loyalty to the system without mental reservation to myself and to my students and comrades in the martial arts.
15. To be more traditional in the practice of the indigenous art, Kali for bladed weapons, Sabakan for non-weaponry.
16. To be more intellectual and knowledgeable in conducting group seminars, teaching, individual training, military and/or law enforcements upgrading training programs. 17. To be more precise in teaching the offensive and counter-offensive techniques limiting the possibility of counters which makes the techniques far superior, effective and deadly. 18. To encourage high moral values to each RRK practitioners in terms of individual struggle against all odds, with proper installation of the Philosophy and Doctrines of the indigenous fighting art that made the great heroes of the Katipunan to be remembered. 19. To Give Honor to all your RRK Family, your Master and Seniors as well as your co member through your act and promotion of the Arts. Promote the Arts only in Good Terms.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why should I become a member?
Membership will allow you to have more representation and participation in the activities of the RRKI. By joining the membership program you will be officially recognized as a member of the RRKI and thereby ensure that you will receive the benefits of membership. In addition, it will help the RRKI strengthen its resources and better accomplish its objectives with your participation, support, contribution and knowledge. Ultimately, as the RRKI strengthens, it will be in an even better position to serve you.
What are the benefits of membership?
Membership Benefits include:
• Official recognition as a RRKI member
• Eligibility to vote on RRKI decisions (when applicable)
• Eligibility for ranking within the Rapido Realismo Kali System under the RRKI
• Access to member’s only privileged information
• Access to member’s only events and activities
• Access to members only section of the RRKI website
• Opportunities to cross-train with related RRKI schools
• Discounts on some RRKI events
What does membership mean?
Being a member means you are an internal part of the RRKI, a group dedicated to learning and promoting Kali while upholding high standards and principles of integrity, leadership and mastery. Membership means you are a representative of the RRKI and a member of an organization that not only supports learning Kali, but also each other.
Who is eligible?
Membership in the RRKI is open to all individuals who are engaged in or intend to be engaged in learning Kali from any instructor, school or event sponsored by the RRKI. This includes attending any of the following: classes, private instruction, camps, seminars, and the like. Membership is limited to those who are deemed by the RRKI to be of sound mind and character and is extended as a privilege not a right. Although the RRKI hopes to serve everyone interested, the RRKI reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason.
How do I become a member?
Contact a RRKI instructor or officer about being your sponsor. Complete the RRKI membership application and send it with payment to:
Rapido Realismo Kali International c/o Isagani Abon 156 Sitio Putting Bato, NBBS,
Navotas, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1485 Mobile Phone Number (+63) 921-6176010
Please make your checks or money orders payable to Isagani C. Abon.
Why must I have a sponsor?
In order to continue to provide a safe training environment, the RRKI requires that all applying members have a reference. This reference is called a sponsor, and must be an instructor or officer of the RRKI. However, sponsorship is easy to obtain. Either an instructor or officer of the RRKI will invite you to join and thereby become your sponsor, or you can simply ask about membership through email, by phone or in person. Recommendations from RRKI members, friends and affiliates will greatly help you obtain a sponsor and you will go a 1 month Member Probationary period. Just in case you don’t have an Sponsor you can still push through the membership but you will be in a 2-3 month Member Probationary Period.
When can I become a member?
Anytime. Applications for membership are accepted throughout the year.
How much is membership?
Membership dues are $35 per calendar year. Dues are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Dues are not prorated regardless of when membership is initiated.
What happens after I apply?
Once the RRKI receives your application and payment, you will be notified whether your application has been accepted or denied. If accepted, you will enter the RRKI with a 90-day evaluation period during which you will receive partial membership benefits. After your evaluation period, if you are accepted as a full member, then you will receive:
• An acceptance letter (certificate of membership)
• A Rapido Realismo Kali Internatiional Member identification card
What happens if I am not accepted?
In the case that you are not accepted as a member of the RRKI, you will be discreetly notified and your payment will be refunded.
Do I need to renew my membership?
Yes. Membership must be renewed yearly in order to continue to receive your membership benefits. Please note, membership must be renewed January of each year regardless of when your membership began.
How do I renew my membership?
In order to continue to receive your benefits, simply fill out the membership application above and mail it together with your dues to the RRKI before the end of January each year. Please submit your forms and payment together.
What are my dues used for?
Yearly membership dues are used to defray administrative expenses and project costs, which may include, but are not limited to:
• Website fees
• Certificates for members
• Funding for RRKI programs and projects
• RRKI member handouts and reference materials
• Equipment and supplies
• Flyers, pamphlets, CD’s and other materials used to promote the RRKI and its activities.
• Assistance in research and development expenses
• Assistance in sponsoring guest instructors for seminars
• Down payments for facilities used for special events (Mastery Camp, Seminars, etc.)
Who do I contact for more information?
For more information, speak with your RRKI instructor, Associate School Director or contact the Rapido Realismo Kali International by email at rapido_realismo@yahoo.com
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