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Trainer Certification Course and Training Group program

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Joined: 11 Oct 2010
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Location: Navotas, manila, Philippines

PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:51 am    Post subject: Trainer Certification Course and Training Group program Reply with quote

Starting a Rapido Realismo Kali (RRK) Training Group (Tribes of Blades)
So you want to start training in Rapido Realismo Kali but don't know how to get started

Get a group of your training partners, interested friends at school office, organization, together and start a certified RRK training group. This could be your hard core group that you regularly train with in the martial arts, your black belt club in your school or any group that has a common interest in RRK blade, impact and combat empty hand work.

A Tribe/Training Group (T/TG) is a group of Rapido Realismo Kali (RRK)- and every Group is unique. As RRK assimilates into various cultures, it morphs. This makes for great variety because each tribe reflects the combined characteristics of its leader and individual members who, outside of their capacity as Kalis Practitioner, are persons from military, law enforcement, or executive protection groups, to a wide cross-section of martial artists and citizens. Tribes meet at sports complexes, educational and martial arts schools, in firearms, Law Enforcement, and military training centers, in parks, gyms, backyards, basements, and garages - anywhere a handful of people are willing to train. It is not even necessary to have ground under your feet because RRK must train in the water too!
A Tribal/Group Leader (T/GL) may be among the best in their field (which is often the case) and perhaps not as yet accomplished in RRK. This is sometimes true where a T/GL may be a top firearms trainer or martial arts instructor in their own right and still at one of the various levels of RRK. T/TG are designated by the last name of the T/GL and their skill level as a Member, Novice, Proficient, Advanced, Expert, or Instructor, or the Ranking of RRK to help those seeking instruction to determine the type/level of training to expect at that T/TG. Bear in mind, the T/GL's Kalis skill level is only one of several important facets that create a good training environment. If he join the Trainer Club and become the Group Leader he is consider as Guardian. To uplift the Group and as a requirement. He must host a seminar with Punong Guro Henry Espera once a year Training Camp and 4 times a year Training Group workshop with Batikan Guro Isagani Abon ( If the Group is Based on Metro Manila, A monthly Visit of BG Abon is a must and T/GL or Trainer and Instructor are required to be actively promoting the Arts through Seminars, Demo’s, and other Kind of Promotion as well as be active on the Net ( participating in our Forum, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Youtube, By sharing Ideas, Concept, Video Clips, Asking, Answering, and Sharing through our Forum is required..
Some tribes meet once or twice/month, some twice/week, a few meet nearly every day. Sometimes the T/GL leads practice, maybe a guest Certified RRK Instructor, or occasionally Punong Guro Henry Espera and/or Guro Isagani Abon is brought in to lead the group further. Other times, the T/GL or members of the tribe attend seminars and camps to gather more training practices to share. When you join a Tribe, it is considered your “home” Tribe, but know that RRK are family you are welcome to train at any and all T/TG.
Who can start a Tribe?
A T/GL can be any individual who has the initiative and motivation to organize a practice group on their own, or any group may designate a leader from amongst themselves. How does a person gain Kalis skill sufficient enough to start a tribe? There are four ways: 1) A person can first attend Group workouts, seminars, and/or camps. 2) A person can train privately with an RRK Instructor, Batikan Guro Abon and PG Espera Himself. 3) The Tribal Leader can initiate group training immediately by Hosting a Seminar. 4) A person Must take an intensive 12 Sundays Trainer Certification Course (Tribal/Group Start-Up Training Course.)
How does the financial end of things work?
Tribal Leaders pay RRK International for authorization to operate a tribe and corresponding website proflle- only 1,500 pesos/year in the Philippines (Int'l varies) and a 500php/year membership fee to each member. T/GL establish how often their tribe meets and how much members pay to attend, and the T/GL retains all the money charged/collected from members attending their tribal workouts. Other than the cost of training (which could be a T/GL's profit instead of his expense if done by hosting a seminar), with a Php 1,500 investment a T/GL can make profit hosting tribal workouts all year. We want your tribe to financially profitable because that lends to its longevity, so to support your efforts, RRK does not levy a percentage of your profits, just the annual membership required for each member. T/GL do not have permission or license to teach RRK outside of their tribe unless they secure permission directly from PG Espera and/or BGuro Abon. This measure allows Rapido Realismo Kalis to expand and form new tribes/group while guarding RRK standards by allowing only fully authorized Instructors to teach outside of the Tribal context. We require that TL’s always practice fair relations with the general public to ensure our positive reputation.
Martial Arts Tribes - Exclusive or Inclusive
If you are a martial arts instructor you already have the makings of a tribe within your student body. You can install an RRK Tribe/Group today and advertise it to draw new students into your school. It allows you to offer another program to the students you already have and it gives you an edge (pardon the pun) over your competition. As a T/GL of you will have international recognition and exposure on our Internet site that includes your professional profile and many other benefits. Our presentation always respects and compliments your Empty Hands and Weaponry Style/System.
Martial Arts Instructors (MAI) are professionals who, essentially, re-sell RRK when they share it with anyone at any time; consequently, MAI’s can only join RRK if they become a T/GL and Group/Tribe-up one of two ways:
1) RRK Exclusive - By keeping RRK completely separate from their other classes and hosting separate members-only tribal/group workouts practicing only RRK The T/GL decides the schedule and fee for his tribal workouts and keeps all funds generated from private and tribal instruction.
T/GL fee is 1,500php/year and memberships are 500php/year for each member. Every student receives a laminated RRK ID and their training booklets/log are included. T/GL must collect the annual membership fee of all his member and buy all training equipment at RRK Merchandise ( Like the Official Shirt, Pant’s etc.) at discounted price.
2) RRK Inclusive - By including RRK in their classes because some instructors don't have enough time to allot separate sessions for RRK How much class time gets devoted to RRK is always up to the instructor, and as everyone benefits from RRK it is only fair everyone contributes too. T/GL fee is 1,500php/year and School Benefit Fee is 500php/year for every adult student (which is less than $3/year for each student to learn RRK). This is paid in January according to the Instructor's estimate. Every student receives a business card RRK ID, they can obtain an RRK training booklet/log, and they can test in RRK Ranking . T/GL must collect the annual membership fee of all his member and buy all training equipment at RRK Merchandise at discounted price.
If a MAI does not want to Tribe-up, they are always welcome to attend public seminars and do as they wish the information, but they cannot join the Brotherhood.
This is the Rapido Realismo Kali Training Group Program ( Tribes of Blades ) as part of RRKI
expansion and promotion also part of RRK Instructor Candidate Training Program. Join Us Now!

Obtain a membership because with it comes the all-important Instruction Manual/Sheet that details all aspects of methodology and training. You do not need previous experience of any kind; we will train you every step of the way. Sometimes previous training is quite helpful, other times it is not.
Get training via seminars (in the Events), and via training groups and/or through private instruction (Trainers/Groups in the Directory).
The info required is covered in these three courses:
Basic Single Sticks
Basic Double Sticks
Basic single knife
Basic Sabakan Striking
Not initially required, Facing the Blade is strongly recommended.
Find a few people to train with and please be clear about this - if you put an ad on Online List, a forum, the local gym, or anywhere, looking for training partners you are not permitted to use the RRK name in any advertising until you are an authorized trainer. Work the drills and practice presenting the material.
When you feel prepared, you can request an evaluation of your progress, which consists of:
** A written test on RRK methodology
** Presentation/Demonstration of Basic Single Sticks, Basic Double Sticks, Basic single knife,
Basic Sabakan Striking: Opposition, Practice, and Training.
Only a few people in the Association are permitted to perform evaluations and authorize Trainers; we will help you select the most convenient for you. The usual fee for an evaluation is whatever that trainer normally charges for a private session (which varies because trainers set their own rates).
RRK is a MARTIALS ARTS and we wanted it as professional as it was a business but we are ever-conscious that people’s lives depend on the quality of our work – and every life is priceless – worth more than any profit gained by compromising our standards. Therefore, if you have gaps then we’ll identify exactly what you need to work on, give you time, and you can evaluate again. However, if you are good to go, then you will be authorized to operate a sanctioned RRK Training group.
You will be given a link as a personal page and your training group on the website where you will be shown as authorized trainer/ Instructors; the fee is $100 for 12 months.
The financial arrangement to operate is simple, affordable, and fair:
**Trainers keep 100% of their income from Private Instruction
**Trainers keep 100% of their income from Group Instruction
**Trainers pay 20% (with a minimum of $100) from each Public or Private Seminar
Trainers’ Responsibilities:
**Make sure every group/private trainee obtains/maintains a membership - we even have a form for you to print out to make it easy to keep track.
**Update your training regularly to remain current and to supply your group.
**Do not substitute techniques or drills from another method into RRK sessions for this poses a serious risk to our standards, and by extension, the lives of our members. This simply cannot be permitted (Make Sure you taught the each members rank materials as required before you will be allowed to insert other things.).
**Use only approved Association and the Systems logos and graphics and submit your Public Seminar Info at least one week before you advertise it
**No Public or Private Seminar is to be held unless it is posted the Events
**Trainers must not grant interviews to newspapers, magazines, or TV without written permission from HQ.
**Trainers must ensure no videos are taken without permission from the Grand master and Seniors in privates, training, or in seminars. We do not normally permit spectators in training, and if we do, you are to make it clear – no cameras or phones allowed – phones must be used outside! We will sever all ties with anyone who posts an unauthorized video on the internet (unless, your are given permission and will only be used as promo vids.
We are confident our in-house training will bring you to exemplify our standards and we look forward to working with you towards that goal.

We Design a 12 Days Trainer Certification Course and after you passed you can start the Training Group but you must continue you training with PG Espera and BG Abon for more knowledge, Standard and Higher ranks, as Instructors. (12 Sundays/Days if you are living around Metro Manila with PG Espera and/or BG Abon, you start a Group and train and share your knowledge to them then a follow Monthly visit and workshop by PG Espera or BG Abon to see the Progression of the Group with more Private training for the Trainer, but the Trainer is required to continue his/her training every Sunday with PG Espera to keep his Rank and License and for possible Higher ranks in the Future.)
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Joined: 02 Nov 2010
Posts: 4
Location: manila

PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

guro.. ask ko lng pwede ba ako kumuha khit trainer na ko?
Traineer From Rapido Realismo Kali ,Navotas Training Group and Training Blade Designer
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Joined: 11 Oct 2010
Posts: 12
Location: Navotas, manila, Philippines

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:09 am    Post subject: RE: Reply with quote

Training ng 12 days yes para mas maintindihan nyo. but the certification no kasi meron ka na. Just keep on training harder than the day you train and smarter you'll be better each day.

BG Isagani
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