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Finding My Way Back To The Things I Love Doing Most

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Joined: 07 Oct 2010
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:08 am    Post subject: Finding My Way Back To The Things I Love Doing Most Reply with quote

Last Sunday morning, I woke up early (early than my usual during my rest day, that is) and saw the beauty of the hills in Busay from my window. It was enough to convince me to hike towards Mountain View and Tops. I already planned on trekking days before, although I wasn't sure if my office mates who are supposed to be my companions when we climb Mt. Kanlaon in March were up to it that day since they begged off the week before coz they were not feeling well. Since my bag was already packed, I decided to go alone and I was off in no time.

The upward winding trail soon brought me memories of previous climbs and it felt good. My feet soon found the usual rhythm and although I had my Ipod plugged into my ears, I remove them once in a while whenever I find myself all alone with no passing motorists or people by the roadside so I can listen to the familiar sounds of nature. They were not so loud and as obvious as you would notice when you are by your lonesome in some remote trail up in the mountains but if you pay enough attention, you will hear the sounds of chirping birds, the howl of the wind, and other sounds of nature which play like a distant melody to accompany your wandering mind.

It took me almost exactly an hour before I reached the entrance way of Mountain View where we had our drinking spree two weeks before after our first hike coming from IT Park. 20 minutes or so later, I found the road leading up towards Tops which was where I originally intended to end up before continuing my training going back down to Plaza Housing. I changed my mind when I noticed the sign that read, 'Doce Pares Park'. Wow! So this was the place I only saw on TV several times before. Now my activity for the day not only satisfied my thirst for hiking but also my love for Filipino Martial Arts. I took pictures outside the gate before I went in and paid an entrance fee of 20 pesos. I felt like a kid finally able to see an amusement park for the first time. Although there were no Doce Pares Kali practitioners training at that time, I took joy in seeing their training grounds and imagined them crossing the bamboo bridge in a hurry to beat the clock and at the same time checking their balance as well as other rigorous training excercises in the different areas of the park. I made an effort not to hit the two big punching bags hanging in one of the towers they created for zip lining, knowing that some of the care takers were watching me. The 6 big punching bags in YawYan Pasay where I used to train suddenly came to mind and I really felt the urge to hit those bags just a few times just to be able to experience again how it feels like to hit something with all you've got, letting all your energy out in quick successive blows. But this is not my training ground, I am not one of their members so I should be respectful of their place and equipments. I also do not want to send the wrong message to anyone and thought about the possibility of not getting out in one piece if someone there gets offended hahaha! I envied the people who had access to those equipments, training grounds, and a lot of fellow practitioners to work out with. I can only imagine what training activities Guro Isagani will have us undergo if we had the same things available to us in Luneta while Master Henry looks on.

After taking more pictures, raindrops started falling as if to signal that it was time to head back home. I reluctantly walked down the same path where I came from and the rain accompanied me all the way back. I was getting wet and was trying to walk faster but soon found that the road was a bit slippery because of the water. Some Habal-habal drivers tried to convince me to take a ride several times during my descent but i politely refused, and one of them even taunted me by singing at the top of his voice, 'tibay at lakas ng loob ang iaalay para lang sayo...'. I ignored him, determined to simulate a real climbing experience in the mountains where you can suddenly find yourself dripping wet because or a sudden downpour although it seemed like a perfectly sunny day just a quarter of an hour ago. Soaking wet and being the subject of curious onlookers, a thought came to my mind. In real-life fights, you cannot choose who to fight against, how many, and what kind of weapons they will be using. In the same manner that in mountain climbing, you cannot dictate nor predict what the weather would be like during your actual climb. So the point is, you have to prepare yourself for the worst and hope for the best.

On my way back, I was almost tempted to drop by Busay Grill near Mr. A to drink a bottle or two of those cold SMBs which they sell for 40 pesos each. Reality got the better of me, though, knowing that it wouldn't be a good idea to linger in my wet clothes. Again, I reluctantly pressed on and finally reached Plaza Housing and rewarded myself with a sumptuous hot meal and downed two bottles of beer after taking a shower then dozed off to sleep.
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Joined: 11 Oct 2010
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Location: Navotas, manila, Philippines

PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:44 am    Post subject: Re: Reply with quote

This is some of my dreams james. to have a place where we can train hard and relax after. It's a plan though definitely not in the park but hopefully this year cause i'm wroking on it. Let's push our kapatid to train harder and awaken the warrior within ourselves. Keep on posting here and till we meet and train again.

Bg Isagani Abon
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